Demand these Essential Features from Your IT Service Provider

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Most people never find out how well their IT service provider performs until a problem occurs. So what can you look for in an IT service provider to limit the chance of experiencing a problem that affects your revenue generation? The following features are signs that your IT Service provider can cope with the unexpected and act in the best possible way to protect your business or even make you more profitable.

Business Continuity

The continual operation of your IT systems is critical to success. Check this out if you want to know how much downtime can cost your business. Any IT service provider should be able to demonstrate how they will protect your systems in the event of an application issue or a server crash. As a minimum, your IT provider should offer the following:

Instant Disaster Recovery

Your provider should have an instant failover system that ensures your disaster recovery is seamless and automatic for all your essential applications.

Email Continuity

Just like your application servers, your email needs a system that allows it to operate without interruption.

Tailored Disaster Recovery

Your business is unique and that requires a unique disaster recovery plan that ensures the most efficient operation of your IT functions at all times. Many off-the-shelf disaster recovery solutions work well for very simple IT deployments. However, most businesses have a complex array of servers and applications that includes a distributed Storage Area Network. A bespoke solution is the only way to minimise the impact of downtime.

Fixed Costs

Your costs are an essential thermometer for the health of your business. There is no way to plan your budget if you are unsure of the additional costs your IT systems could incur in each quarter. Your IT provider should work with an inclusive price for its services and support and there should be no additional costs added to fulfil the needs of your business. Check out the IT provider’s business model and identify any additional extras that could inflate your costs. Are there limits on service, support or any costs that are not included in your original quote? If so, you are gambling with your budget.

Flexibility of Supply

You have no way of ensuring your business has access to the best, most competitive systems if you work with a provider that dependent to certain hardware or software companies. Using an independent IT provider will give you access to the best available solution for your business and give you a competitive edge.

Bespoke Security Solutions

The face of business IT is changing at a rapid pace. Five years ago, your IT security would only deal with access to your on-premise server. Today, the network boundary is limitless as businesses operate in the cloud and employees often user their own devices. Your IT service provider should be able to demonstrate how your business can operate securely while taking advantage of everything the cloud has to offer.

Compliant Systems

Your IT systems face a minefield of regulation whenever you host employee and customer information. The rush to cloud computing has meant many businesses jump at the additional productivity benefits without fully assessing their position as a data controller. Compliance frameworks are constantly in a state of flux, but your IT service provider should offer guidance and expertise that ensures your business is never at risk from litigation

A Great Working Relationship

Finally, your IT service provider should act as an extension of your business. Your provider should have a personal touch and they should know your business. Any provider that does not understand your organisation is unlikely to offer the best solutions or identify room for improvement.

7 Valuable Tips

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