6 Ways Mobile IT Services Support Employees Using Personal Devices

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There’s a good chance you’ve heard of BYOD (Bring your own device) recently and your staff could already take advantage of the flexibility and benefits of adopting the popular IT. Added mobility and an ‘always connected’ workforce is great, but how can your IT service provider improve functionality and service provision?

1. Talent Acquisition

Some industries are natural early adopters of mobile IT services, but the benefits are available to all businesses. You can quickly improve productivity and workforce selection because the nature of mobile IT services means that businesses no longer need to rely on local talent to fill roles. The modern employee is far more at ease with remote working than many employers that are new to mobile IT technology. Speak with your IT service provider about how your staff can access your applications remotely and start thinking outside your bricks and mortar business to extend its capabilities.

2. Extending VoIP

Few businesses compete effectively with legacy PBX systems. The move to VoIP has meant businesses enjoy better communication suites with lower costs, but the most competitive businesses will use VoIP services installed directly on their mobile device. From software that turns mobile phones into an extension of your business VoIP system through to softphone software installed on laptops or tablets, VoIP services make your business ultra-mobile. Ask your IT service provider how they can improve your communications.

3. Improved Productivity

Most employees naturally want to excel at everything they do. Allowing them to work anywhere, at any time empowers them be as productive as possible. Your business will instantly see increased productivity when people can work at their own pace in their own environment as well as working set hours during work. Provide employee access to business applications and small amounts of time working on solutions to problems or even mundane tasks that limit progression will realise benefits to your bottom line.

4. Connected Security

There is no point in providing the ability to work anywhere if that compromised your IT system security. The use of mobile IT services must coincide with connected security measures to ensure mobile devices and remote workers remain secure. This is achievable when a tailored security suite enables your employees to connect over a secure network and powerful identity and access management policies reinforce the security provided by the connection method.

5. Empowering Low Cost Devices

In the past, device capability was one of the biggest problems facing a mobile workforce. Today, even in the workplace, many applications run on remote servers and are employees access them via a thin client workstation. Many IT service providers are able to configure access to applications from almost any device irrespective of the native operating system.

6. Lowers Capex

BYOD means your staff can use a wide variety of hardware to perform the functions that five years ago, would have required considerable processing power in the user’s device. This means that staff will are likely to already own suitable hardware and often prefer to use a device they are familiar with when working on projects. This flexibility lowers capital expenditure on IT because it massively reduces hardware redundancy.

The Bottom Line

How an operating decision affects your bottom line is the ultimate test for any enterprise. There is no doubt the use of this technology and its adoption rate will continue to increase year on year as highlighted by Grand View Research. The question you need to ask yourself is if your IT service provider is positioned to help your benefit to the best of your ability?

7 Valuable Tips

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